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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Melo Cymru - self help                      for mental wellbeing

Melo contains information, advice and free self-help resources to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. There is also information and advice on a range of topics such as menopause, money worries, self-harm prevention, suicide prevention and low mood management.


Silver Cloud

Silver Cloud is an easy to use and interactive online programme designed to support your mental health and wellbeing. Find help for anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, money worries and more, all based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  

Mental Health 111 (Option 2) is a new way to access urgent mental health and well-being support and advice. Mental Health 111 (Option 2) is free to call, from a mobile (even when the caller has no credit left) or from a landline.

For example:

  • if you have an existing mental health problem and your symptoms get worse

  • if you experience a mental health problem for the first time

  • if someone has self-harmed but it does not appear to be life threatening, or they're talking about wanting to self-harm

  • if a person shows signs of possible dementia

  • if a person is experiencing domestic violence or physical, sexual or emotional abuse

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5 Ways to Wellbeing.png


  • Show an interest in friends, colleagues and neighbours lives

  • Have lunch with colleagues and friends

  • Stay in touch with people its difficult to see regularly with phone calls, texts and e-mails

  • Say hello to your neighbour

  • Talk face-face with your colleagues whenever possible instead of emailing or phoning them

  • Ask people how they are

  • Sit down as a family at the end of the day to eat dinner

  • Smile at people

  • Take some time to write a letter to someone special in your life who lives far away

  • Play a board game with family or friends

  • Arrange to meet up with an old friend you havent seen for a while

  • Chat to people in your local shop when you pop in to buy something


Connect in Blaenavon 

Find social groups & activities in Blaenavon

Find information on activities for children, young people and families

Use shops & services in your local community

Access support to find and connect to suitable activities and groups


  • Take the stairs instead of the lift

  • Park as far away from your destination as possible

  • Get off the bus one stop earlier

  • Walk more, a pedometer can help you keep track of how many steps you are taking a day

  • Cycle to work

  • Join a gym

  • Get an exercise buddy to keep you motivated

  • Go to an exercise class

  • Go shopping in town or the supermarket instead of internet shopping

  • Put some music on while doing the housework and have a dance at the same time

  • Don't use the TV remote, get up and change the channel manually instead

Be Active.png

Be Active in Blaenavon 


Find local sports clubs and active groups

Be Active.png

Local outdoor activities & indoor facilities

  • Instagram
  • Facebook


  • Start a gratitude diary (take 5 minutes a day to write down a few things or people in your life that you are grateful for

  • Turn the TV off when eating dinner and enjoy what you are eating, noticing every mouthful

  • Keep a diary. Reflect on good experences

  • Visit a museum or art gallery

  • Visit a place you have not been before

  • Pop into your local tourist office and discover a place nearby that you've never visited

  • In a queue (in shops and traffic) use the time to relax and notice the world around you

  • Be aware of your senses - smell, touch, taste, sight and feel

  • Notice your breathing

  • Make a short film on your mobile phone

  • Listen to your favourite music

  • Take some interesting photographs

  • Pray or meditate

Take Notice.png

Take Notice in Blaenavon 

Find information and online  mindfulness courses

Blaenavon Community Museum at the Workmen's Hall

Blaenavon Camera Club

Find churches in Blaenavon


  • Learn how to cook something new

  • Learn relaxation techniques

  • Go to a new exercise class

  • Help your child with homework and learn something new from them

  • Brush up on your IT skills

  • Say yes to more things

  • Access education opportunities through your local authority or community centre

  • Listen to a new radio station

  • Pay attention to the media we're surrounded with and try to remember one thing a day

  • Think about the things you used to enjoy when you were younger and do them again

  • Do a crossword or puzzle in the newspaper with someone and have fun at the same time

  • Do a weekend course in something you have always fancied learning

  • Take up playing an instrument or brush the cobwebs off an old instrument

Keep Learning.jpg

Keep Learning in Blaenavon

Find books & inspiration

Find adult & community courses

Learn an instrument

Find healthy, budget-friendly meal ideas


  • Give compliments

  • Let someone in a traffic queue

  • Offer to make the tea or coffee at work

  • Offer support and advice to someone who needs it

  • Get a birdfeeder for the winter months

  • Help out with a local community group

  • If you have any spare time, just a couple of hours of volunteering a week can really make a difference

  • Bring in some biscuits / sweets for your team at work for you all to enjoy together

  • Give your unwanted clothes (or presents) to a charity shop

  • Become a blood donor

  • Help someone with their bags on a train

  • Cut your garden flowers and share them with your neighbours or colleagues

  • Help an elderly neighbour or relative in cold weather and take them basic provisions so they don't risk falling when it is icy


Give in Blaenavon

Find volunteering opportunities

Find local community hubs

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